Virtual Terminal


The Hybrid Virtual Terminal (VT) enables gateway-free, PC-based credit card processing via the Internet while eliminating the need for other costly POS hardware and software, turning your PC into your point of sale terminal. Hybrid’s VT Solution is a hallmark of the Hybrid’s web-based solutions. The program is totally functional, easy to use, secure, and 100% PCI compliant.

The VT Solution is made for retail, restaurant, municipalities, non-profit, mail/phone order or Internet merchants with both real-time and batch payment transaction needs. The Hybrid VT Solution seamlessly processes Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express™, Discover®, Diners®, and JCB® cards. In addition to credit card, VT Solution can also handle your ACH transactions and recurring payments.

Learn how our VT system along with our Cash Discount Program can eliminate your processing fees so you can focus on what matters…growing your business. 

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